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California law allows the state to refuse to issue a driver’s license, renew a license or investigate and revoke the license of someone it determines lacks the skills to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Palm Springs DMV Lack of Skills Attorney Michael Goldstein understands the loss of a client’s driving privileges can have serious consequences, including loss of freedom and independence, job loss, depression and even the loss of independence or the ability to live on your own and care for yourself.

As a veteran Palm Springs DMV Hearing Lawyer, Michael Goldstein fights for the rights of clients facing hearings for lack of skills allegation.

If you are facing a California DMV hearing, contact San Bernardino DMV Defense Attorney Michael Goldstein.

The office of Michael B. Goldstein, a Professional Law Corporation, offer comprehensive defense for clients facing license suspensions at the California Department of Motor Vehicles offices in Palm Springs and San Bernardino.

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Compensating Factors

Adjustment or equipment: Type of vehicle, automatic transmission or type of controls (including steering knob, hand controls, extra mirrors and power steering).

Adjustment in habits: Brake usage, choice of lanes, following distance and scanning techniques.

Adjustment in driving environment: Hours of day, amount of driving, avoidance of weather conditions, avoidance of certain routes, combining trips.

Possible Hearing Outcomes Rexamination at future date
Medical probation I: (driver must comply with outlined medical regimen and has reporting responsibilities).
Medical probation II: Annual medical exam required.
Limited-term Licenses: 1- or 2-year license issued with follow-up examination required at renewal.

Source: California Department of Motor Vehicles

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