Fatality Hearings

San Bernardino Fatality Hearings Attorney

A California Department of Motor Vehicles fatality hearing can occur when a driver causes an accident that leads to someone’s death. The California DMV may impose a fatality suspension, especially in cases where the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Palm Springs DMV Defense Attorney Michael Goldstein knows the hardship license suspensions place on client’s lives; the restricted freedom can lead to financial and emotional stress and turmoil, impact your ability to earn a living and even limit your ability to live independently.

Fatality suspensions are a serious threat to your right to drive. Palm Springs DMV Defense Lawyer Michael Goldstein encourages anyone facing a DMV fatality suspension to seek qualified legal help right away. As a Palm Springs DMV hearing attorney with almost two decades of experience, Michael Goldstein will fight for your rights to drive and remain independent.

The offices of Michael B. Goldstein, a Professional Law Corporation, focuses on DMV hearing defense for clients facing suspensions through the California Department of Motor Vehicles offices in San Bernardino and Palm Springs.

California DMV fatality suspensions can be for an indefinite period of time. Palm Springs Defense Attorney Michael Goldstein believes clients are innocent until and unless they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

If you are facing a fatality suspension, call Palm Springs DMV Hearing Lawyer Michael Goldstein for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights.

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